Wild Partners

IMG_4862Elli So Wright, Artist Extraordinaire:

Fast friends since elementary school, Elli and Julie used to have drawing contests until a distinct moment in 4th grade when Julie realized that peeking over Elli’s shoulder and desperately trying to draw exactly what Elli had on her paper was not only cheating, but it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. After years apart as Elli moved to DC, Alabama, and Kentucky, Julie is thrilled to have Elli on board as Wild Child’s artist. An artistic prodigy, Elli’s phenomenal artistic skills translate into fun, beautiful and easy-to-comprehend conceptual site illustrations that help Wild Child clients transform their spaces into magnets for wild adventures!


Severn Grove Ecological Design: Dennis Skaggs

It is Severn Grove’s mission, and that of owner Dennis Skaggs, to “change the face of landscaping” by offering an eco-friendly alternative to conventional toxic landscape practices that adversely affect all of us and the Chesapeake Bay. Severn Grove offers multiple services, from landscaping to custom stonework…and thanks to our introduction in 2014, Wild Child recently snagged Dennis and his crew to help with nature play space installation projects in the Annapolis area with stunning results!

Willow Oak Group, LLC: Karen Kelly Mullin

Karen Kelly Mullin is the Principal Consultant for Willow Oak Group. Based in Annapolis Maryland, her work has taken her all over the country learning and teaching in different communities and ecosystems. She has over 20 years of education and outreach experience, a Masters Degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and has delivered presentations on her work to many national and regional conferences. Over the past 10+ years, Julie & Karen have collaborated on multiple schoolyard habitat, outdoor classroom and nature play & learning projects combining their talents and crazy ideas into exciting projects both kids and adults enjoy!