Welcome to the Wild Child!

cora-frogFounded by longtime environmental educator (and wild child) Julie Dieguez, The Wild Child, LLC is driven by the belief that all kids need the freedom and opportunity to explore & play in nature…and by the realization that those opportunities are dwindling at a frightening rate.

The once-common practice of moms waving kids out the door, telling them to “come back when the streetlights come on” is no more: It is rare to see a child perched in a tree or playing anywhere outdoors other than on a ball field or designated playground equipment, and the lure of electronics has led many away from outdoor experiences entirely. While each of these has its benefits, there is simply no substitute for hands-on exploration in nature to encourage the development of critical creative skills, foster a sense of stewardship and reconnect kids to the “real” world.

The Wild Child was developed to help organizations & families find and create opportunities to get kids back outside. We offer a number of services, but our primary mission is to help clients create affordable, imaginative nature play & discovery areas and outdoor classrooms.

Please explore this site to learn more about Wild Child services & projects, our wild & wonderful partners, and exciting nature play resources to help you find your inner wild child!